Tree-Range® Farms

Delicious Chicken Raised Regeneratively

From the forest to your fork, it’s the best quality with the best care.

Great tasting chicken is raised in a natural habitat.

However, these days it’s hard to know where the chicken you eat comes from.

That’s why we’re putting chickens back where they belong, the jungle.

Tree-Range® farmers focus on establishing or maintaining a “jungle-like” habitat that honors the true natural environment of chickens. When we do this, we not only create a better habitat for the chickens, we create a better world.





How We Are Stewarding A Regenerative Future

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Tree-Range® farmers raise chickens you can trust.

Our slow growth chickens are raised on high quality feed in forested pastures where they can forage on plants, sprouted grain, and bugs (like the omnivores they are), without the need for antibiotics or restrictive confinement.

Tree-Range® Chicken, your dinner from the forest.

We are Farming with the Earth

We believe that healthy chicken comes from healthy farms, and healthy farms make a better world.
It all starts with the soil and grows up from there.
Crop diversity feeds the planet, protects our flocks, and ensures the future of farming.
Forested paddocks, free-ranging chickens, high animal welfare, it all adds up to a true desire to do better for all.

Better is our rule.

That means supporting soil health and raising chickens in their natural habitat under a tree canopy to create long-lasting, positive outcomes for animals, people and planet.

You are part of the solution.

We talk a lot about trees, but did you know our chicken tastes amazing! It's like you can taste the happiness from the forest.

“Through Tree-Range® Farms, I believe we demonstrate a new way of thinking, of relating, of working as part of nature so that all who come in contact with our ecosystems will know that we can build a better world for everyone.”

-Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, CEO